Plagiarism in higher education reported by essay writer

Advancement in Technology has made great difference in finding, recording and gathering data from all over the world. Nowadays Many business firm, company and organisation are facing problem of their data or work being misused or being copied by other companies for their benefit. The major problem of plagiarism is faced mostly by the Educational Institutions as the data provided for reference by the Websites, authors and different educational institutes is being copied or used by students for their own research. Many cases of students have been registered by the Institution as their submitted data was originally written by a professional. With internet being widely used for all purposes, it’s easy to copy-paste the data without originator’s concern. Many believe that this practise of copying data was started from school level as the school children were not aware of what would be the repercussion of this habit in higher education.

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The word plagiarism was derived from Latin in 1st century which generally referred to kidnapping. But later in 18th century Concept of plagiarism was reintroduced in Europe, which was referred as stealing of ideas and work without originator’s knowledge. Plagiarism is not stated as a crime in general term but it is referred as violation of copyrights. Plagiarism is not considered as a criminal offence but rather ethical offence for institution which include professional organisation, companies and educational institutional.
Merriam Webster Dictionary [1] defines plagiarism as “To steal and pass off the ideas or word of another as one’s own. Which explains “simply taking other people’s word and/or ideas, using them, and then – rather giving credit to the person who thought of them, pretending that those word/ideas belong to you”.
The major issue of plagiarism rising in today’s academic society is due to easy access of web. Students are totally unaware of the fact of stealing the facts or ideas intentionally or unintentionally without giving proper reference is considered as punishable in academic world. In Many reported cases, the higher statistics of cheating and coping are reported among the international student. These cases generally reveal group of students who are either non- English speaker or have English as their second language. Many students also say they use the original sources text rather than attempting a paraphrase (carroll, 2008).
Students often share their bitter experience as not fully aware of how the sources are used or how to write references and properly cite while preparing the report. This generally happens in the cases where students who lack in vocabulary skills in general or in specific academic writing. Neville (2010) found that, “25% of the 354 international postgraduate students he questioned reported no difficulties or differences in these matters and a further 25% had no trouble shifting to UK expectations; 50% were still experiencing ‘radical educational and social transitions’ even after months of intensive teaching”.
As plagiarism is still the major issue on academic’s level. This problem can be tackled with a possible solution of taking clear feedback from student who are native non-English speaker and analysing their problems in different level of studies and finding a proper solution for that. Taking regular assessments; group as well as individual so that their contribution could lessens the chances of students submitting copied materials in the research papers and gradually it would decline the indications of plagiarism.
Another way to address plagiarism on academic level is to increase the use of software or applications which would help to identify the originality of submitted papers. Turnitin is a leading software, which nowadays many institutions are adopting on undergraduate and post-graduate level of study. TurnitIn software is quite simple to use; student submit their research paper on the official website and turnitin’s algorithm compare the uploaded text or papers against its data base with articles published online alongside with papers submitted or published by different authors. After that, it provides accurate percentage of data that matches with the database. The tools use colour code mechanism to differentiate the unoriginal or copied content from the submitted report and provide proper feedback to student so he/she can work and make the changes accordingly.
Well every software or tools which works online as its own cons. Many teachers and professors from different university believe that Turnitin is quite difficult to use and understand. It requires steady connection of internet; which is believed to be problem in some countries where there is limited technological advancement. Another major issue would be, it does not accurately differentiate between cited content. It’s hard to distinguish whether the tables or figures in essay are original or not. Due its mechanism of produce accurate results, turnitin is expensiv everyone prefers to buy it. mostly University and schools use it for benefits of their students.
To summarize in brief, I believe that software’s such as Turnitin should be introduced by schools and University at the early stage of academic level so the chances of students coping and pasting for their research papers would be reduced. Every school and educational institute should have language support team for all students so eventually they can develop their writing skills. Students should be made aware of the plagiarism policy prevailing in academic level. Lastly Educational institutes should monitor their students and keep reviewing their performance so students get clear idea about their strengths and weaknesses