Customers Now: Profiting From the New Frontier of Content-Based Internet Advertising by David Szetela


Customers Now is a book about content based advertising. Content-based advertising is quite a bit different than search-based advertising, and most people don’t take that into account. Many write it off because they are getting the results that they’d like, but they aren’t doing it right. There is a big difference between search and content, yet people use the same ads for both campaigns.

There are several key points to Customers Now, but I think that this is the biggest, “Remember that content-based advertising is creating demand and finding customers.” Search advertising is based on getting people who already know they want what you are selling. Content advertising letting people know you exist and showing them that you have something they want or need.

Content advertising is about finding NEW customers. Television advertising works because people see things over and over. It gets embedded in your mind. They say you have to see something 7 times to really be reached. That is what content advertising is. It is getting seen by your future customers.

I won’t give away the specific details, but David goes in depth on the differences between search ads and content ads as well as step by step instructions on how to create a good content campaign. He points out what is a good ad, and what is a bad one. He also describes how to find the specific keywords and websites to target. He really opened my eyes as to the possibilities of content advertising. Up until this point, I had mostly written it off. I find out now it is because I was doing it all wrong. If you are looking to get into content advertising or if you had previously written it off like me, I’d suggest checking out Customers Now.

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