Mrs. Aura Garcia- Marion County Golden Apple Teacher of the Year


Osceola Middle School, working together as partners with the total community, will prepare students for the future. A professional, compassionate staff will provide a challenging, diversified curriculum to meet the individual needs of each student. Our goal is to provide a safe environment where students are expected to develop the integrity, social and life skills necessary to become productive citizens.


This year every student will be learning a new vocabulary word each week. Students will keep these words along with the definitions in the Reference section of their binder. The words will be used frequently in classrooms, on WOMS, and you can use them with your child now, too.

Here is a list of the words:

  • ABRASIVE (u bray siv) rough, irritating
  • ALLEVIATE (u le ve ate) temporarily make better; lessen
  • ARCHAIC (ahr KAY ik) extremely old; ancient; outdated
  • ARDENT (AHR dunt) enthusiastic; passionate
  • ANNIHILATE (U nigh u late) to reduce to nothing; to destroy
  • AMICABLE (AM I ca bull) friendly
  • ASSIDUOUS (u SIDG you us) hard-working; diligent
  • BILLOW (bil OH) to surge, swell, or rise like a giant wave
  • COMARADERIE (Com u RAD u ree) loyalty among friends
  • DELETERIOUS (del I TER ee us) hurtful; causing harm
  • DIGRESSION (DIE gre shun) straying from the main point
  • DISDAIN (dis DAIN) to regard with scorn
  • EMULATE (EM u late) imitate; follow an example
  • FORTUITOUS (for too u tus) lucky
  • FRUGAL (FROO gul) thrifty
  • IMPETUOUS (Im PECH oo us) impulsive; hurried; not thought through carefully
  • INEVITABLE (In EV I ta bul) unavoidable; certain
  • INTREPID (In TRE pid) fearless; adventurous
  • JUBILATION (Joo bi LA shun) Joy; excitement; exultation
  • LADEN (LAY den) loaded; weighed down
  • LONGEVITY (lon GEV I tee) long life
  • MUNDANE (Mun DANE) ordinary; common
  • NONCALANT (non SHU lont) cool; indifferent; casual
  • NOVICE (NAH vis) beginner; trainee
  • OPULENT (OP u lent)wealthy; rich; affluent
  • PARCHED (Parch t) dried out
  • PROCRASTINATE (Pro CRAS tin ate) to unnecessarily delay
  • PRUDENT (PROO dent) wise; careful; cautious
  • RANCOROUS (Rang kur us) hateful; spiteful
  • SAGACIOUS (su GA shus) showing or having wisdom
  • WARY (Wear e) cautious; guarded; careful


Student’s School Day — 9:30 AM – 3:25 PM
First Bell — 9:25 AM
Tardy (Late) Bell — 9:30 AM
Teacher Day — 8:00 AM – 3:45PM
Early Release Times — 1:25 PM
School Office Hours — 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Lunch: $1.75 (If qualified, reduced: $0.40 or free)